Japanese dictionary for iOS

This application is a free multilingual Japanese dictionary for iOS.

imiwa? was created using the amazing JMdict files from the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group. JMdict stems from the EDICT project files to which German, French, and to some extent Russian translations have been added. Jim Breen instigated the EDICT project which is the foundation of the JMdict project.

The dictionary contains entries in multiple languages

170 000

Japanese & English

94 000


15 000


7 000


The dictionary contains 170000+ japanese entries and corresponding english translations, almost 15000 are translated in french, 94000+ in german and 7000+ in russian.

The dictionary entries are enriched with example sentences coming from both the tanaka corpus and the tatoeba project. This is yet again an invaluable content that is made available to the community. Do contribute to those projects to keep them alive!

Powerful lookup method

You can search the dictionary using any of kanji, kana, romaji or a word in one of the supported foreign languages. imiwa? will auto-magically find what you are looking for.

iOS also comes with built-in Kanji stroke recognition, use the Traditional Chinese keyboard to input directly kanji characters, this is simply amazing!
(Go to the Settings app on the device home screen and: General ↝ Keyboard ↝ Keyboards ↝ Add New Keyboard ↝ Chinese - Traditional Handwritting)

Dictionary Entry

Tap and hold any cell to access more functions like speak and copy functions.

Translations in English, French, German or Russian are displayed as illustrated aside. English translations will always be available while other languages may not.

Look for the cells with arrows for drilling-down to more content (cross-references, synonyms and antonyms, conjugations)


Example sentences are an integral part of imiwa? features and an essential source of information to see the words used in context.

Certified examples have been subject to additional validation (tanaka corpus project) and are presented separately.

Owing to the tatoeba project, examples in french, german, italian, spanish or russian may be available. The more you contribute to this project, the more translations will be available in imiwa?.

All about Kanji

imiwa? provides access to comprehensive kanji information (13.000+ kanjis) including animated stroke order diagrams for 6500+ of those to support your learning of the Japanese writting system.

The Kanjidic database also from the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group is the source of data used in these screens as well as the KanjiVG project for stroke order diagrams (© 2009 Ulrich Apel).

Unique SKIP lookup implementation

imiwa? implements the SKIP lookup using a unique method available in no other application on mobile devices or the web.
Try it and you will adopt it.
This is, by far, the lookup method most adapted to beginners.

The SKIP method was developed by Jack Halpern.

Kanji Multiradical search

The interface allows to identify a kanji by its composing patterns. Select in the upper part of the screen the shapes you see in a kanji and imiwa? will help you drill down to the kanji you are looking for.

The kanji "multiradical" lookup method offers access to 13.108 Kanjis and would not be possible without the work of Michael Raine, Jim Breen & Jim Rose. Licence to use their work is available here.


imiwa? conjugates all verbs, ichidan, godan as well as most irregular verbs…
No more hesitation with : 来る、する、書いて、言わない

You can switch between neutral or polite forms at the touch of a button.

Same goes for い-adjectives and な-adjectives, it’s all there a shortcut away from the dictionary entry!

Analyse this

The application comes loaded with a powerful tool to help you with all of your translation work, feed imiwa? with a Japanese sentence and it will break it down into dictionary entries. Japanese has become almost too easy…

Save time

Combine the power of the analyser to a unique way of acquiring Japanese text in imiwa?.
QR magic is an exclusive feature that allows you to capture text from your computer and serve it to imiwa?. Visit this page to get started with this innovative function.

Share, Share, Share!

You can AirDrop or share with the flash of a QR code between devices running imiwa? 4.x on compatible hardware, use e-mail otherwise.
You can share any of dictionary entries, kanji, lists and backups.


You may write to feedback on this application at support AT imiwaapp DOT com. I will respond as time permits.

Suggestions for enhancements are also welcome but may not be taken into account.

Final Word

Please appreciate that this application is free and it is built during my spare time of which I don’t have a lot. Please consider supporting imiwa? development if you like this application, this will be much appreciated.

Enjoy the ride!